Monday, June 8, 2015

Thrift Store Summer Wardrobe Capsule

The concept of a wardrobe capsule has crossed my path several times in the past, even though I didn't know the exact name for it. The idea of having a few classic pieces, with some trendy pieces thrown in, to make up a plethora of different outfits seemed right up there with my 'less is more' philosophy. Why it has taken years to actually put this concept in place is just classically me. What helped move this plan into action was coming across Project 333 that breaks the capsule wardrobe down into 33 pieces that are worn for 3 months (a season, essentially). Things like workout clothes, undergarments, lounge wear, and sentimental jewelry don't count towards the 33 items but shoes, fashion jewelry, purses, and other accessories do. Now, that sounded like a challenge and I love a good challenge.

If you follow this blog then you know I am big into thrift shopping- it is where a good 90% of my clothes come from. (Items like shoes, undergarments, pajamas, swimsuits, socks, and the like... I do buy new.) It still amazes me to find pristine articles of clothing for such great prices. Sometimes I get so amazed that I fill up my closet with garments that I don't even end up wearing more than once due to not having anything to go with it or the item not being practical enough to wear everyday. So even though I think I'm getting a great deal and saving a ton of money...I'm actually wasting it. My husband, Dino, never could understand how I could walk out of my closet, stuffed with clothes, and bemoan not having anything to wear. Well, nothing coordinated! By working in the confines of a wardrobe capsule this issue becomes moot. Having a capsule also greatly cuts down on the time it takes to go through all the racks at thrift stores since you will have a certain color palette in mind. Shopping for my capsule was some of the quickest thrift store shopping days ever! Even though I love new clothes (new for me, anyway), going through rack after rack is just tedious. Not anymore!

Pintrest and Google images were huge inspirations for my summer capsule. It would be great to just look at a shirt and do awesome things with it but my brain doesn't work that way. At first, I was pretty sure that there was no damn way I would only be able to pare down my summer wardrobe to 33 pieces. Towards the end of my planning, however, I was scrounging for the last 3 items. To tackle this project the color scheme was determined first. From there it was choosing how many skirts, tank tops, shoes, etc. I wanted in the capsule. After that it was assigning the color scheme to the different pieces and then making a descriptive list of items that needed to be bought (if I didn't already own it). The list kept me focused at the stores and didn't allow for any extraneous items to make their way back to my newly cleaned out closet. It's important to keep all the tags on your new clothes until you have your complete capsule. That way, if you do have to return something because it doesn't match as well as you thought, you will not be stuck with it.

The Pieces:

  1. Banana Republic denim oxford (Savers)
  2. Gap aqua cardigan (Savers)
  3. White 3/4 sleeve blouse (Goodwill)
  4. Gap gray t-shirt (Savers)
  5. Black t-shirt (bought new from Meijer)
  6. White t-shirt (already owned)
  7. Banana Republic green tank top (Savers)
  8. Yellow tank top (Savers)
  9. Black tank top (Savers)
  10. Old Navy navy and white striped dress (already owned)
  11. Kenji aqua and copper embellished dress (Goodwill- tags still on from TJ Maxx!)
  12. Darjoni jean skirt (already owned)
  13. Striped long skirt (bought new at Target)
  14. Old Navy light blue capris (Savers)
  15. Gap jean shorts (already owned)
  16. Black shorts (already owned)
  17. Skinny jeans (already owned)
  18. Light brown belt (already owned)
  19. Thin black belt (already owned)
  20. Vera Bradley aqua purse (bought at a previous trip to Savers- it was never used!)
  21. Camel colored cross-body purse (bought new at Meijer)
  22. Sun Hat (bought new at Target for $3)
  23. Sunglasses (already owned)
  24. Gold key necklace (already owned)
  25. Light aqua chunky necklace (already owned)
  26. Copper chunky necklace (already owned)
  27. Gold bracelet (already owned)
  28. Pearl stud earrings (already owned- not pictured)
  29. Diamond stud earrings (already owned- not pictured)
  30. Toms loafers (already owned)
  31. Black flip-flops (already owned)
  32. White and gold sandals (already owned)
  33. Wedges (already owned)

This $6 Kenji dress from Goodwill still had the $35 tags from TJ Maxx on it. These finds happen frequently at thrift stores! 

Between the three t-shirts, three tank tops, two shorts and jean skirt there are 18 outfit combos alone. Below are some more outfits that can be put together from my capsule.

With just a few accessories this Old Navy dress can go from casual party cool to errand-running chic.

This Kenji dress can easily be worn for a special night out or a day around town.

Just a few pieces but so many different looks.

This could be a great weekend-get-away combo.

Lunch date to play date.

It has never been more fun picking out clothes and my closet has never looked more organized. I'm looking forward to do doing this in the fall and to no more wasted money on clothes that don't get worn. It's a good idea to take photos of your outfits as well to help make your morning dressing routine go quicker. Shopping at thrift stores for your wardrobe capsule is the perfect way to reduce and reuse- not to mention getting some fabulous finds at some seriously fabulous prices.

Here's to a gorgeous, put-together, organized you this summer!

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