Monday, August 11, 2014

Baby Cloth Wipes with Spray Recipe

Last week I had written about the splendors of cloth diapering but now I am going to broaden that awesomeness to cloth wipes. Honestly, I was more concerned switching to cloth wipes than the diapers. I was one of those 3 wipes-per-poop gal (if not more) and dreaded the mess and amount of laundry that cloth wipes would generate. Those worries soon proved unfounded.

Really, if you think on it, disposable wipes are not all that grand. The nice, thick, plush ones that separate perfectly are so filled with toxic ingredients that they are not even an option in my book. On the other side of the coin are the wipes that are safe for baby but a major pain in your rear. My experience has been that I either can't get a wipe out of the container or seven of them come out at a time. Fun times- but not really. Then you have the wipes that are either too dry or sopping wet… there didn't seem to be a happy medium. And yet, I still went month to month trying brand after brand and hoping that eventually I would hit disposable-wipe gold.

I did hit gold but it was in the form of cloth. It seemed prudent at the time of us switching to cloth diapers to also switch to cloth wipes as well. My reasoning: I didn't want to deal with two forms of disposal. Why deal with trash and laundry? My laziness paid off (for once) and this 3-wipe gal turned into a 1-wipe gal no matter how messy the diaper. Cloth wipes are a-maz-ing. They are thick and soft and separate perfectly AND not filled with toxic junk because I make my own wipe spray using the recipe below. Since I am writing this post we are of course saving a butt load (really bad pun but I can't help it) of money using them and saving our poor overloaded garbage dumps as well.

The last brand of disposable wipes we used was DermaH20 Water Wipes that cost $14.09 for 240 wipes. That would be a little under a month supply for us with a total cost of $338.16 for two years of diapering. We are currently using thirty OsoCozy flannel wipes that cost us $9.99 for a pack of fifteen so $20 total. The spray solution costs pennies to make so you are looking at a savings of over $300 using cloth wipes. Like I said: Amazing!

Making this diaper spray solution is super fast and easy.  You don't have to measure anything out and saying it only takes a minute to make is generous. I will put measurements here, though, because I know how annoying it is to find a new recipe and not have exact measurements given. In time when you are comfortable with the recipe just eyeball it- it goes a lot quicker. You can spray a corner of the cloth wipe to clean and then use the rest of the wipe to pat away any excess moisture. The wipe then gets thrown into the wet bag with the dirty diaper. Keeping the wipe solution in a spray bottle really lets you control how wet you want the wipes to be and it makes a perfect travel container as well.

***Edited Recipe due to research on olive oil that was brought to my attention on one of my forums. Almond or jojoba oil can replace the olive oil.

Easy Peasy Diaper Wipe Spray
From Living Life Granola
1 4oz spray bottle
1 tbsp castile soap (or 1 pump/squirt)
1 tsp organic almond or jojoba oil (or pour directly into bottle counting 1-one-thousand, 2-one-thousand)
2 drops tea tree or lavender essential oil, optional (I personally would not use essential oils on an infant younger than 1 month.)
Filtered water to fill spray bottle

Pour the castile soap and olive oil in spray bottle. Add essential oil if using and then fill the rest of the way with filtered water. Shake before each use.

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