Monday, August 3, 2015

DIY Wood and Cabinet Polish

When it comes time to make my wood furniture shine, this homemade cleaner does the trick. It also leaves behind a delightful lemon fragrance. The fragrance comes naturally from essential oils so you need not be afraid of any dangerous phthalates that can come from the artificial counterparts. You can check out the rating for the well known lemon-scented wood polish here. ( is a great website to look up all of your commercial cleaning products to see whether or not they are truly safe for your household.)  Give this polish a try to save your money and your health!

This polish is composed of mostly water so it is important to make sure that your furniture is completely dry after wiping it down to avoid any possible warping. This is a polish, after all, so a buffing motion will really help bring out the shine on your furniture (not to mention helping to tone the arms- it is still tank-top season!). I have been using this polish for years with great results. If you are interested in safer dusting for non-wood surfaces, check out this post .

DIY Wood and Cabinet Polish
By: Living Life Granola
1 16 oz spray bottle
1/4 cup white vinegar
2 tsp olive oil
8 drops lemon essential oil
Water to fill bottle
Funnel (optional)

Place the funnel on top of the open bottle and fill with the ingredients in the order they are listed. Screw the spray top back on the bottle and shake well. Shake before use. Store out of the light in between uses. Use within 6 months.

Although cleaning is not a favorite task of mine, this lemon-scented wood polish is a definite pick-me-up that has me whipping through the house in no time. I can also feel good about not filling the air with harmful carcinogens and other bronchial irritants. Remember that breathing happy should also be breathing healthy no matter what part of your home you're sprucing up!

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