Monday, August 10, 2015

Fizzy Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Making time to clean my toilets is never a high priority- neither is spending a lot of time making the stuff that will actually clean it. This cleaner works just like a fizzing bath/toilet bomb but in a powdered form and it only takes 5 minutes to make. Cleaning the toilet will go just as fast. Just dump a scoop into the bowl and the fizzing action will start working right away. You can start scrubbing right then or let it sit a bit while the rest of the bathroom gets cleaned.

This cleaner utilizes four strong anti-bacterial essential oils that will kill any nasties lurking under the bowl but won't leave behind any hazardous fumes for you or family to breathe in. This fizzy scrub actually smells quite good!

Since powders are used to make this cleaner, it will be easy for the particulates to make their way into the air. I wear a face mask while mixing to prevent breathing any of this into my lungs. Even a bandanna tied around your mouth and nose will do the trick. This is not a concern when using the cleaner in the toilets- just for the mixing part.

Fizzy Toilet Bowl Scrub
By Living Life Granola
Glass jar with tight fighting lid or another air-tight container
1/8 cup scoop (I use the scoop that came with the oxygen powder.)
1 cup baking soda
1/2 cup oxygen whitening powder
1/2 cup citric acid (
24 drops lemon essential oil
21 drops scotch pine essential oil
8 drops tea tree oil
7 drops cinnamon essential oil
*optional but recommended: face mask or bandanna tied around nose and mouth

Mix together the baking soda, oxygen whitening powder and citric acid until well combined. Add essential oils while stirring the baking soda mixture. Use the back of the spoon to crush any clumps that may form from the oils. Transfer to the glass storage jar with a tight-fitting lid and let sit for 4 days to synergize. To use, pour 1/8 cup of scrub into the toilet bowl.  The scrub can either sit for while or be used with a toilet brush right away.

The tight-fitting lid is important for keeping moisture out of the container. If moisture does find its way in then your nice loose, powdery cleaner will turn rock hard. Cleaning toilets is chore enough- the cleaner shouldn't be adding to it!

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